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Welcome to the official GoNutsforDonuts Website!

Hi there donut lover, we are so glad you clicked on our page. You are going to love it here!

”The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.”

Oscar Wilde

Meet the Bakers

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Meet the Web-Developers

Group Members
Angel Obi
Farheen Shaikh
Komal Sethi
Taha Iqbal
Liam Walsh
Tarush Gonsalves

The Vision

Go Nuts For Doughnuts is more than your local doughnut shop with a multinational team bringing you ideas, flavours and creativity from Etobicoke, Ontario. The idea was formed for a college assignment in 2022 and has slowly evolved into a tangible product to sell to the public through Humber College and the assistance from both our amazing professors Chef Alastair Gray and Hanadi Alnawab as well as the web developers. The entire team of Go Nuts For Doughnuts is a talented and dedicated group of aspiring pastry Chefs who hope to bring more to the table than a traditional cake or cookie. So please enjoy our creations and we are certain that they will bring you back again and again, with new and vibrant flavours to add to your favourite treats. 


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